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The working key of national rural power Power Grid Corp in 2004

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The working key of national rural power Power Grid Corp in 2004

First, deepen the reform of rural power system

Improve the rural power system reform, and further rationalize the rural power management system is an important part of power system reform, the reform of rural power system in 2004 to implement the "on the further deepening of reform of rural power system" as the main line, the spirit of "overall grasp, according to local conditions, classification guide, grasp the pilot, steadily" principle, continue to deepen to promote the reform of rural power system. 

1., deepen the province of power supply enterprises of wholesale County of County Rural wholesale escrow escrow; transformation of the assets of the formation of effective and reasonable management mode; and steadily push forward the county as a unit of the company system reform, investor play a role, to further standardize the joint-stock county power supply company operation, sound corporate governance structure, improve enterprise management, the establishment of the modern enterprise system gradually improve; explore the county power supply company asset investment diversified investment pilot program. 

2., we should strengthen the management of agricultural electrical workers, improve and standardize the employment system of rural electricians, improve and explore new ways of employment and management, and constantly improve the quality of agricultural electricians. 

3., we should attach great importance to the management of the rural collective power assets, and correctly grasp and deal with the reception and management of rural power assets in line with the requirements of Document No. 405 of the State Grid, [2003].

Two, improve the rural reconstruction project

At the completion of the one or two phase of the project of rural power grids and make foundation for the national development and Reform Commission on the one or two rural engineering inspection work, in accordance with the relevant measures for the management of county power grid renovation project, strengthen and standardize the management of the county power grid renovation project, the project in strict accordance with the "five system" requirements, in the standard bidding key bidding, supervision and contract management etc. efforts to actively promote the transformation of county power grid project. 

1., compile the "five system" management guide of the rural network, further strengthen the engineering management and improve the management level, especially for the key links such as bidding and tendering. 

2. to meet the national development and Reform Commission's acceptance of the transformation project of the agricultural network, and to cooperate with the national development and Reform Commission to improve the acceptance of the one or two phase transformation project of agricultural network. 

3. to ensure the timely completion of the task of the reconstruction and construction of the county power grid. 

4. to carry out the post evaluation of the one or two phase of agricultural network transformation project. 

5. to do a good job in the pilot project of the demonstration county of scientific and technological progress. 

Three, strengthen the county power supply enterprise management

In order to build a first-class county power supply enterprise as a carrier, we should strengthen the management of power supply and basic specialties, and constantly improve the modern management level of enterprises and the comprehensive strength of enterprises. 

1., with the requirements of "consolidation, improvement, improvement and innovation", we will further improve the management level of the first class county power supply enterprises and strengthen the dynamic assessment of the power supply enterprises in the first tier counties.

2. to improve and perfect the first-class county power enterprises to declare the work, strengthen the provincial company of power supply enterprise, first-class County construction work, in the future only obtain the county power supply enterprise company first-class and keep the title for two years, are eligible to declare the national first-class county power enterprises Power Grid Corp. 

3. to strengthen and standardize the financial management and overall budget management of the power supply enterprises in the county. Strengthen enterprise management, carry out the analysis of economic activities, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. 

4. actively carry out the pilot work of the marketing management information system of the county power supply enterprises, and promote the construction of the marketing management information system of the county power supply enterprises. Study and explore the management analysis and auxiliary decision system application of the county power supply enterprise, and choose the pilot of the county power supply enterprise.

5. to strengthen the power loss management, continue to carry out "of the county power supply enterprise power loss management mode" project; carry out the work of theoretical line loss calculation, achieve fine line loss agricultural scientific and management; strengthen the gateway meter management, necessity and feasibility of studying County comprehensive distribution area of low voltage installation table. 

6. continue to closely cooperate with government departments for Tongwangtongjia work. 

7. to strengthen the power supply management, consolidate power standard construction achievements, continue to strengthen the professional work and basic work as the focus, write "power management practical handbook" organization, guiding and promoting the construction and management of power supply, the power supply management based on the preliminary reach normalization, and gradually reach the standard and scientific. 

Four, safety production

In order to carry out safety evaluation work as a leader, reinforce the safety foundation; work safety, strengthen the statistical analysis, to carry out effective safety activities, to enhance the safety production management level. 

1. improve the safety supervision system, the implementation of various security management institutions and responsibility. Who is in charge, who is responsible "principle, clear the legal representative of the enterprise's production safety first responsibility, the provinces (city, district), rural power management is the security management department in charge of the unit. 

2. grasp the survey provisions of the rural power accident publicizing. 

3. to write safety evaluation standards and methods, through the pilot, to summarize the experience, to guide the whole system to carry out safety evaluation. 

4. with the progress of science and technology to promote production management standardization, perfect production management system; carry out statistical system construction and basic data of power production management analysis.

5., we must promote the automation construction of county level, do a good job in functional specification, technology direction, approval and practical construction plan.

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