Inner hexagon mechanical connector Accept customization

Inner hexagon mechanical connector Accept customization

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At present, the domestic for connecting wire and cable used in the pipe, its structure usually include central narrow succeeded in tube on both ends of the width, the ends of the wire from the inner connection tube wear received them, and, in the tube on each set of pipe cap, succeeded in tube around the place has tightened gap, when the inside connection pipe pressure, tighten the diameter smaller gap within the tightening makes over to clamp connection guideThe function of line.However, the tightening gap of the connection pipe of the above structure is limited, and when the two ends of the connection pipe are extruded through the pipe cap, the outer wall of the connection pipe has a corresponding extrapolation tendency to the pipe cap, which makes the compression structure easy to relax, reduces the compression effect, and leads to poor wiring effect.

In order to overcome the shortcomings of the prior art, the utility model provides a torsion connecting pipe, which is compressed by two rows of positioning bolts with cross type dislocation distribution, and has a more stable structure and better wiring effect.

In order to achieve the above purpose, the utility model adopts the technical scheme is: a torque in the pipe, including the tube, the tube body is available for connection through pipes, whose character is: on the pipe wall is equipped with two rows along the axial distribution of the pipe body positioning bolt, between two scheduled a bolt - corresponding dislocation distribution, the distribution of the two corresponding dislocation positioning bolt axis extension cord in different planes intersect relations, withA row of positioning bolts are distributed in parallel, the positioning bolt part is screwed into the pipeline through the screw connection, the positioning bolt is locally located outside the pipe body, the positioning bolt has an inner hole, the inner hole is screwed with a screw, the end face of the screw is provided with a tool groove.

Further, one end port of the positioning bolt extending into the pipe is provided with a gasket, which comprises a gasket body located outside the port, and the middle part of the gasket body is inserted into the port through a connecting column.

Further, the positioning bolt comprises a thread segment between the two ends of the end along and the two ends of the end along, and the two ends of the end along the smooth surface structure, and the gasket connecting column is embedded in the port of one end along.

Further, the positioning bolt is a column structure of equal diameter, the spacer body is embedded in the positioning bolt end port after the side wall of the spacer body and the positioning bolt end along the side flush, the port along the other end of the positioning bolt has an inward inclined extension of the inner edge, the end face of the head of the inner screw and the inner edge flush.

mechanical connector (1) mechanical connector (2)


Mechanical bolt type1

Made of special aluminum alloy, these contact bolts are hexagon head double shear head bolts. The bolts are treated with a high quality lubricant and are equipped with a special contact ring. These contact bolts cannot be removed once the bolt head is cut.


Mechanical bolt type2

The screw tooth of torsion bolt is designed with foursections, so that the fracture of installation tightening wirewill sink into the surface of the connecting pipe,Bolt with inner hexagon design,Remove the bolt during maintenance,The body can be used over and over again,Reduce construction cost



Special accessories, in or out can adjust the applicable conductor range. These plug-ins have longitudinal stripes and a positioning slot.

The installation

▪ Does not need special tools to install, only a socket wrench can be installed;

▪ The same reduction length for each type, including the provision of inserts;

▪ Design of graded torque scissors head nuts to ensure reliable and firm contact;

▪ Each joint or cable lug has its own installation instruction;

▪ We recommend using a support tool (see attachment) to prevent conductor bending.

▪Hexagonal socket with correct A/F dimensions

▪Hexagonal socket with correct A/F dimensionsxdrf (8)

▪Ratchet wrench connectors8Or electric impact wrenchxdrf (6)

▪It is strongly recommended to use a clamp to provide support for shearing bolts during shearing and to prevent conductor bendingxdrf (7)

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