ADSS cable and OPGW cable preformed strain clamp – around the world preformed strain clamp

The pre-stranded wire is used for connecting fittings of overhead power conductor and power overhead cable terminal, suspension and joint. The pre-stranded wire first appeared in the United States in the 1940s and 1950s. The original product was spiral wire protection for the stress concentration position of bare wire and the position of electric corrosion and arc burning. After years of development, pre-twisted wire fittings have been widely used in power transmission and distribution, optical fiber communication, electrified railway, cable TV, construction, agriculture and other fields. 


Steel core aluminum wire is widely used in the 10 kV distribution network of the mainstream wire, it has a series of advantages of high tensile strength, good lightning protection performance, low cost, is widely used in the suburbs of urban connection and rural power lines. However, once the steel core aluminum conductor line is damaged by external force or bad weather, it is easy to have a short circuit fault. When the mixed short circuit occurs, the wire will be broken. When such a situation is found, appropriate wire repair treatment must be given in time to avoid the continuation of the loose strands leading to the reduction of mechanical and electrical properties of the wire.


Prestranded wire is a product of a number of single-strand spiral wire prestranded. According to the cross section size of the wire, the helix wire with specified inner diameter is rotated along the helix direction to form a tubular cavity. The pre-stranded wire is spiral wrapped in the outer layer of the wire. Under the action of the wire tension, the spiral rotates to form the anchorage force of the wire. The greater the wire tension is, the tighter the spiral is and the greater the grip force is. The previous repair prestranded wire is widely used in 35 kV and above lines, but it is less used in 10 kV lines, and can only be used in the line segment with 7% or less broken strand and the damage range is not large, and can not reach the reinforcement effect. Tension pretwisted wire connecting bar is a new type of pretwisted wire products in recent years. It is used as a kind of connecting tool. It can be used to replace the conventional clamp pressure connecting pipe and pressure pipe, can be used to connect aluminum stranded wire, aluminum alloy stranded wire, steel core aluminum stranded wire and other wires, to achieve its original mechanical strength and electrical performance.

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