Inner hexagon mechanical connector

1、The body adopts eccentric designthin
 For bolt tightening, the force thickness is larger,
It is beneficial for the product to lock the wire more 
Reduce the risk of silk tooth damage

2、The screw tooth of torsion bolt is designed with foursections, 
so that the fracture of installation tightening wire will sink into the surface of the connecting pipe

3、special screw mechanical cable connector;
body-high strength aluminium alloy, tin-plated:
special shear-off bolts from brass, tin-plated;shear-off bolts with inner hexagonal;for connecting conductor cross sections from 25 to 300 mm2.

In the medium volage area the market tends more and more towards the use of large cross-section aluminum conductors. Particularly by connection of on and Offs hore wind parks to the medium voltage power grid, the conductor cross sections up to 1000 mm2 are inadequate and no longer fulfill the new market requirements.Therefore, we have extended our offer and have developed the new mechanical power connector shear off-head bolts. 

Long-lasting connedion of copper and aluminum conductor

High installation quality
The mechanical connector can be installed quidk and simple with common commercially available inner and outer hexogon tools

Electrical performance at its best
The shear-off-head bolt clamps the conductor in the connector always with an optimum contad force. The torque mo ments follow the rule that large conductor cross-sections need high torque moments and smaller cross-sections need lower torque moments

One stop shop
From one source we offer for your medium voltage applications reliable and economic cable accessories and kits with components optimally harmonized. The companys speciolized in manufocturing of low, medium and high voltoge accessories as well as mechanical connectors and cable lugs. Also able to offer customer-specific high-voltage ferrules and lugs.

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