Power fittings are necessary for power cable connection

Power fittings are devices that are used to connect and assemble, so power installation companies use fittings.According to GB/T5075-2001 national standard “power fittings terms” definition: power fittings, is the connection and combination of various devices in the power system, play a transfer of mechanical load, electrical load and some protective role of metal accessories.

Power fittings are used to connect the poles and towers of transmission lines, conductors, lightning lines and insulators, or to protect the wires, lightning lines, insulators and other metal parts.

Basic Requirements: Power fittings are generally made of cast steel and malleable iron.It is required that the wire fittings should have sufficient mechanical strength, and the part of fittings connected with the conductive body should have good electrical performance.In the manufacturing process of wire fittings, there should be no burr, trachoma bubble, crack deformation, the surface should be smooth, the galvanized layer should be uniform.The supporting hardware should be suitable in specification, without missing parts and without rust, the screw and nut should be well matched, the contact surface between the ship press plate and the wire clamp should be smooth, and the manufacturing quality and size should meet the national standard and specification.

Conductor connection of power cable of power fittings is an important part of making and installing various types of cable ends, and it is very important for long-term safe operation of the line.

Conductor connection of power cable includes crimping method and welding method.The requirements of the conductor connection are that the temperature rise during the transmission of current does not exceed the temperature rise of the cable conductor and can withstand the allowable tension of the cable conductor.

Clamping method, the use of appropriate mechanical pressure between conductors or conductors and electrical connection between the method of electrical conduction contact interface.Whether the conductor can be disassembled after connection can be divided into clamping (dismountable) connection and compression (non-dismountable or dead connection) connection.

Welding method, only for small section cable core connection.

Aluminum core crimping, copper core welding or crimping.

I plant is a collection of scientific research to open up production and sale in one of the power products production enterprises, is the relevant part of the country to allow the registration of enterprises.Main fittings, quiet stuff, construction stuff, strain clamp, cover hardware, adjacent hardware, set up the equipment with the deployment of hardware, power stations, quiet worker utensils, exclude insulation hardware, terminals, connectors, and other distribution transmission equipment deployment of distribution box, power distribution cabinets, electrical set equipment deployment with cable, electrical tape, quiet things, construction.Explain why the electrical fittings break.

Electrical set equipment deployment in normal time, the current in the circuit by the power supply, at the end of the course electrical set equipment deployment to return to the other end of the power supply form a closed circuit, if for some reason the current loop block probably originally produce bolt, circuit of current less than fluent, inferior to form a closed loop circuit, it is called a circuit.Therefore, all components should be free of hysteresis loss.

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