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  • China’s economic and social sustainable development of electricity demand

    In order to meet the demand of electricity for the sustainable development of China’s economy and society, the State Grid Corporation of China, guided by the scientific concept of development, puts forward the strategic goal of strengthening the state grid with ultra-high voltage network as...
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  • What industry does electric power fittings belong to?

    Generally speaking, power fittings belong to the power industry, and the products of general power fittings are used on power lines or power facilities. The power line used on the metal products generally have U-shaped hanging ring, ball head ring, wedge clip, tensioning clip, extension ring, han...
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  • Power rationing

    Due to the power limit, some production lines will be affected, and suppliers will also be affected. It is difficult to control the time of parts processing, electroplating, pickling and other links, and the cycle of parts supply shortage will increase, leading to the extension of the delivery t...
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  • Raw materials boom

    Raw materials boom

    Let’s see how much raw materials have gone up.Copper is up 38 percent, plastics 35 percent and aluminum 37 percent, according to official data.Iron is up 30 percent.Glass is up 30 percent.The new alloy rose 48 per cent.Stainless steel up 45 percent.What is the fundamental reason behind the ...
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  • The status quo of China’s gold fittings industry

    Gold fittings play an important role in power transmission and transformation engineering.Product quality is not only related to the safe operation of power grid, but also related to the safety of personal property.As early as 1986, the relevant departments of the State Council brought electric p...
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  • Industry Development Prospect

    1.1 Definition: Metal fittings are metal accessories that connect and combine all kinds of devices, transmission machinery, electrical loads and play a certain protective role in the power system. They play an important role in power transmission and transformation engineering.1.2 Classification:...
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