Protective Fitting

  • Arcing Horn ZHJ

    Arcing Horn ZHJ

    Overhead transmission line insulator parallel gaps (hereinafter referred to as the parallel gap, also calls the arcing horn) lightning protection at the core of the thought is in the range of allowable lightning trip-out rate, the clearance between device and insulator (string) in parallel, lightning flash flipping, gaps in the channel power frequency arc, protect the insulator from arc burning, improve the success rate of reclosing.This standard specifies the relevant technical conditions, t...
  • JJC series punctured cord grip

    JJC series punctured cord grip

    Structure feature ·Puncture structure ensures puncture pressure and easy installation ·Structure seal, anti-corrosion, long service life ·Low contact resistance, low temperature rise of wire clip ·Reducing wire connection, wide range of application ·Excellent insulation performance Specification Application of voltage Catalog No. Main wire Branch with Main dimensions(mm) Bolt No. Torque value L B H 1KV JJC1.5~25/1.5~10 1.5~25 1.5~10 45 27 60 1 1...