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  • Mechanical shear-head connectors

    Mechanical shear-head connectors

    Catalog No. Suitable conductor Total length Outer diameter Inner diameter Gasket Nuts No. Specification of bolt head L1 D1 D2 L2 AF JLN-25-95 25-95 65 24 12.8 30 2 13 JLN-35-150 35-150 80 28 15.8 35 2 17 JLN-95-240 95-240 125 33 20 60 4 19 JLN-120-300 120-300 140 37 24 65 4 20 Mechanical bolt type1 Made of special aluminum alloy, these contact bolts are hexagon head double shear head...
  • BLMT cable lugs with shear bolts

    BLMT cable lugs with shear bolts

    Mechanical cable lugs are specially designed to handle connections between conductors and equipment. Unique shear bolt mechanism provides consistent and reliable dead ends. It is super fast and efficient compared to traditional flanging hooks and ensures consistent predetermined shear torque and compression force. The torsion terminal is made of tin-plated aluminum alloy and has an inner groove wall. Notable features are labor saving and enhanced electrical and mechanical performance.
    Materials: Tin-plated aluminum alloy
    ▪ Operating temperature: -55℃ to155℃ -67 ℉ to 311 ℉
    ▪ Standard: GB/T 2314 IEC 61238-1
  • Inner hexagon mechanical connector

    Inner hexagon mechanical connector

    At present, the domestic for connecting wire and cable used in the pipe, its structure usually include central narrow succeeded in tube on both ends of the width, the ends of the wire from the inner connection tube wear received them, and, in the tube on each set of pipe cap, succeeded in tube around the place has tightened gap, when the inside connection pipe pressure, tighten the diameter smaller gap within the tightening makes over to clamp connection guideThe function of line.However, the...
  • Copper connecting clamp

    Copper connecting clamp

    Catalog No. Applicable to the sum of the cross-sectional area of copper stranded wire Main dimensions(mm) B A H L C T CCT-10 7.5~14 9.5 6.3 6.2 12 4.0 1.6 CCT-16 14.5~16 11.8 7.8 7.8 13 5.0 2.0 CCT-20 16.5~20 12.8 8.6 9.7 13 5.4 2.9 CCT-26 21~26 14.7 10.2 10.0 16 6.5 3.2 CCT-44 27~44 19.0 13.4 14.4 20 8.5 4.0 CCT-60 45~60 21.0 15.4 15.4 22 9.7 4.0 CCT-76 6...
  • JK Type steel wire clip

    JK Type steel wire clip

    Steel wire clips are used to clamp steel wire.Because the steel wire is hard, the final closure is not easy to knot, so the steel wire card is used to tie the knot.According to the thickness of the steel wire, the model of the steel wire card is also different, if necessary, according to the thickness of the steel wire to buy the required model. The steel wire clip is suitable for the connection of copper wire and aluminum wire and steel wire rope in the electric energy metering device. It pl...
  • Thimble


    Hardware is a wide range of different purposes, for example, to install wires with various wire clip, composition of insulator string hanging ring, connecting wires of various pressure over, tube, completing the split conductor on the various types of interval bar, etc., and with the tower with all kinds of wire, as well as related to the size of the conductor is used as a protection, must cooperate with each other. It is related to the safety of the wire or tower, even if one of the damage, ...
  • Electric power fitting fasteners Hexagon head bolts with split pin hole on shank

    Electric power fitting fasteners Hexagon head bolts with split pin hole on shank

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  • Bimetal clamp  parallel groove clamp specific and insulation(1KV, 10KV, 20KV)

    Bimetal clamp parallel groove clamp specific and insulation(1KV, 10KV, 20KV)

    ● Application JB, JBL, JBT, JBTL series of special-shaped parallel channel clamp is suitable for the non-bearing connection and branch of conductors in overhead lines. It is used as protective insulation with insulation cover. ● Structure feature 1. Choose anti – oxidation aluminum alloy material 2. The parts are joined together without falling off during installation 3. The circular arc is held tightly in large area, and the conductor is not easy to creep ● Insulation cover performance...

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